The Rane DJ TWELVE makes it easy to adjust the tension of your vinyl so you can achieve the perfect spin. In this video, we go over how to remove the vinyl on the top, swap out slipmats, and re-attach while setting the platter tension.

  1. Use the 2mm Hex tool to remove the vinyl record by loosening the hex screw on the 45 RPM adapter. This is what attaches the vinyl record to the spindle.
  2. Remove the vinyl record and swap out the slipmat if necessary.
  3. Find the cavity on the side of the spindle and line this up with the screw on the 45 RPM adapter while placing the record back on the spindle. If these are not lined up correctly moving the vinyl will not properly control Serato and/or the vinyl may appear warped or crooked. 
  4. Tighten the hex screw enough so that the vinyl can turn with the spindle and move up and down slightly.
  5. If you like a tight response with the platter, press down on the record while tightening the hex screw all the way. If you like a lighter feel, and more backspin, pull up slightly on the record or put no pressure on it while tightening the hex screw.