Getting Started

What is included in the box with the Rane PERFORMER?

  • IEC Power Cable
  • USB Cable
  • Slip Ring assortment
  • DeoxIT Fader Lube
  • Serato Pitch 'n Time Download Card with Serial Number
  • Rane DJ stickers & platter markers
  • Display/Vinyl cleaning cloth
  • Rane PERFORMER poster
  • Quickstart Guide
  • Safety & Warranty Manual

Do I need to download anything in order to get started?

To get started with the Rane PERFORMER, you will need the latest version of Serato DJ Pro, which can be downloaded directly from the Serato website. 

Drivers for Mac and Windows are bundled with Serato DJ Pro, but drivers can always be downloaded directly from the Rane website. 

You will also need to update the firmware on your PERFORMER. See our firmware update walkthrough linked below. 

Rane PERFORMER | Drivers & firmware update walkthrough

Do I need a Serato DJ Pro License to use the Rane PERFORMER?

The Rane PERFORMER is Serato DJ Pro enabled. You do not need a license for Serato DJ Pro as long as the Rane PERFORMER is connected to your computer.

Can I use Virtual DJ with the Rane PERFORMER?

The Rane PERFORMER will be supported in a future version of Virtual DJ. 

Serato Stems

How can I access Serato DJ Pro's stems features? 

How does Stem Level work?

Stem Level allows you to control stems using the EQ knobs on your RANE PERFORMER. To enable Stem Level, press and hold SHIFT + the CUE button of the corresponding channel you wish to use. The CUE button will begin to flash providing you with visual indication you are in Stem Level mode. When Stem Level mode is active, the following EQ knobs will control stems. 




To exit Stem Level mode, press and hold SHIFT + the CUE button you previously enabled. 

How does Stem-Split work?

Once Stem-Split has been activated, the track that is loaded to the active deck is instant doubled from the primary to the second layer or vice versa. Decks 1 and 2 are always the vocal stems and decks 3 and 4 are always instrumental stems. Once separated, the channel faders, EQ, and FX will control the two parts independently. When enabled, pressing the Stem Split button a second time will revert the track back to it's original state, and eject the corresponding instrumental or acapella from the other deck.

Deck Features

Are the platters on the Rane PERFORMER motorized? Can the feeling be adjusted?

The Rane PERORMER features high torque, motorized platters with full color jog displays. To adjust the feel of the platter, there are LOW and HIGH torque settings accessible from the utility menu, as well as an assortment of plastic and felt Slip Rings that can be used in various combinations to suit your personal preference. 

How do you mark the platters? 

The RANE PERFORMER jog displays feature an optional needle marker that can be toggled on/off directly from the utility menu. 

Needle Marker ON

Needle Marker OFF

Platter markers are also included on the Rane sticker sheet inside the box with your Rane PERFORMER. 

What information is shown in the jog wheel displays?

The center of each platter features a full color, high-definition 3.5” LCD screen with performance view options including Moving Waveforms, Progress Ring, Album Art, as well as the Library & Track List mode. 

  • Moving Waveforms - In this view, the user can see essential deck information including BPM, pitch range/percentage offset, key/key change offset, time, loop size, beat jump size, optional needle indicator, overview waveform, and moving waveforms of the current focus deck and adjacent focus deck.


  • Progress Ring - In this view, the user can see essential deck information including BPM, pitch range/percentage offset, key/key change offset, time, loop size, beat jump size, optional needle indicator, deck number, overview waveform, Slip, and Sync status.

  • Album Art - In this view, the user can see essential deck information including color album art, BPM, pitch range/percentage offset, key/key change offset, time, loop size, beat jump size, optional needle indicator, and overview waveform.

  • Library & Track List - In this momentary view, you can browse the music library and load tracks without ever having to look at your computer. Library view is contextual and only shown momentarily when the Scroll/Load push encoder is turned. The view automatically returns to the performance view after a few seconds of inactivity. The Library & Track List view is enabled by default but can be disabled in the utility menu.

Mixer Features

Is the crossfader user-replaceable? Can the tension be adjusted?

Yes! The Mag 4 crossfader is user replaceable. The Rane PERFORMER features an external Crossfader Tension Adjust knob on the front panel of the unit. The fader plate of the Rane PERFORMER can also be removed so the Mag 4 crossfader tension can be adjusted directly on the fader. Crossfader curve and reverse controls are also adjusted on the front panel of the PERFORMER. 

Are there any adjustments for the channel faders?

The Rane PERFORMER mixer section features our new PRECISION FEEL FADERS. These adjustable tension faders utilize the same dual rail mechanical system of the MAG FOUR, providing DJs with ultra-smooth, reliable, and consistent response when playing. The fader plate of the Rane PERFORMER can be removed so the PRECISION FEEL FADER tension can be adjusted directly on the faders. The faders can be further customized from the utility menu, giving you the ability to reverse the fader and adjust the curve.

The Pad Mode and FX OLED displays have inverted colors. Is something wrong with my PERFORMER?

No. To prevent display burn-in, the entire OLED screen image is inverted after 2 minutes of inactivity. After 2 additional minutes, the image is inverted back to its normal state. This normal > invert swapping continues until activity is recognized. Once activity is recognized, the OLED immediately resumes its non-inverted state.


Does the Rane PERFORMER feature hardware or software based FX?

Both! The Rane PERFORMER features a powerful dedicated internal FX engine with 29 built in FX including tried and true classics like Reverb and Echo and new additions including Fader Tone, Choppa, Mute, and more. Serato DJ Pro software FX are also available at the touch of a button. 

Do Serato DJ Pro’s Channel FX work with external media sources?

Channel FX can be applied to software decks but not external sources. When the channel is set to Line input Serato DJ’s Channel FX will have no effect on the external source however, the Filter can still be used.

How do I assign different FX to the 6 FX buttons?

To assign different FX to one of the 6 FX buttons, press and hold the FX button of your choice, and then use the FX PARAMETER encoder to cycle thru the different options. Press down on the FX PARAMETER encoder to confirm the selection. These values are stored directly to the PERFORMER and recalled each time the device is power cycled.

Technical Specifications

What kind of outputs does the PERFORMER have?

The Rane PERFORMER features XLR and stereo RCA Main outputs as well as balanced 1/4" TRS Booth/Zone outputs. There are 1/4" and 1/8" outputs for the headphones and two USB B ports for connecting multiple computers at once for seamless back to back DJ transitions.

What kind of inputs does the PERFORMER have? Can I connect extra decks and use DVS?

The rear panel of the Rane PERFORMER features two stereo RCA inputs that correspond to decks 3 and 4. These Phono/Line switchable inputs are ideal for connecting turntables, CD/media players, drum machines, samplers, additional mixers, or other line level devices like a phone or tablet. Connect your device here if you wish to playback from analog sources. 

If you have the DVS plugin from Serato(available for purchase from, decks 3 and 4 can be controlled with Serato control vinyl or CDs.

How many mics can I connect?

The Rane PERFORMER features two XLR/TRS combo jacks with independent gain and 2 band EQ controls for each input, as well as an on/off button or switch. Mic 1 also features a dedicated Echo knob with on/off switch and Talkover, allowing for the automatic reduction of the volume level of the main mix when you speak into the microphone. Talkover settings can be adjusted directly in the utility menu.

What are the dimensions of the Rane PERFORMER? How much does it weigh?

The Rane PERFORMER measures (width x depth x height): 30.84 x 15.84 x 4.32 in | 783.3 x 402.3 x 109.7 mm

The unit weighs 28.2 lbs. | 12.8 kg