How do I register my product?

Products are registered to an inMusic user account/profile and give users access to any software downloads, authorization codes, and promotional content included with their product.

To register your product, please create an account or sign in to an existing account at You can also navigate to your user account by finding the Account button at the top-right of your product's brand website.

Once you have logged into your account, click the Register New Product button.

Follow the prompts to enter the serial number as it appears on your product, as well as the date of purchase and purchase location. You do not need to include the (21) when entering the serial number.

I am unable to register my Alto, Marantz, or Numark product. What do I do?

If you are attempting to register a product from Alto Pro, Marantz, Numark, Soundswitch, or any other inMusic Brand, please know that registration through the inMusic Portal is not currently active for these products.


Products from these brands can still be registered to an account on their respective websites where users will receive any applicable software downloads and activation codes included with that product. Please navigate to the brand's individual website to create an account (or login) and register your product:

If you do not see your product or brand listed here, registration is not necessary for your product.

Where do I find my product serial number?

Your product serial number will begin with a (21) and will be found on a barcode sticker on the product and often on the box as well. Usually, this is located on the back or the bottom of the product, on the product gift box, and even sometimes on the user manual in the box with the product. 


For some unique products, the serial number may not be immediately visible. For example, the Akai Pro EWI serial number can be found on the inside of the battery panel/compartment, and many headphones will hide the serial number on the inside of the ear cup. 

Given Serial Code Does Not Match Any Product

If you are receiving this error message while attempting to register your product, this means that the serial number has not been entered correctly, or the product model is not available for registration. 

Please check that you are not re-typing the (21) when entering the serial number. This is already included in the format and does not need to be entered again. If entering the (21), you will also find that you will be missing digits at the end of your serial number. 




This is an error that will only appears for users attempting to register their product with a mobile device. Please use a computer to register your product.

Maximum Amount of Registrations For This Serial Has Been Reached

This means simply that the serial number has already been registered to a different inMusic account. This may happen if the product was purchased used or gifted by another user. 

If you receive this error, the serial number will need to be cleared before it can be registered to a new account. Please submit a ticket to our support team by filling out the support form here. Be sure to include your product name and serial number exactly as it appears on the product.

You Have Already Registered This Serial Code

This means the product has already been registered to your user account. From the registration page, click Back to Overview.

On your account Overview/Home page, look for the Your Registered Products section and scroll down to find your product.

Click the View Downloads button below your product in the list to access any available downloads and other content.

Akai Pro Fire Registrations

The Akai Pro Fire controller is sold in two versions: The full version includes a license for the FL Studio software, while the 'controller only' version does not include any software. This allows existing FL Studio license holders to purchase a controller for their software without the added cost of the software license. 

Because the 'controller only' version of the product does not include any software, this version cannot be registered to an inMusic account.

If you are having difficulty registering your Fire controller, this is likely the 'controller only' version. Check your proof of purchase or contact your retailer if you are unsure which version you received. 

Further Technical Support

If you are still having trouble after reviewing this article, please submit a ticket to our support team by filling out the support form here

Be sure to include all relevant details including your product name and serial number exactly as it appears on the product.